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Bare  Beginings

The Kewlani family, residents of Katni, walked into the business of Agricultural commodities through a Partnership firm, known as Messrs. Pamandas Notandas, established in 1955. It was managed by 3 founders – Shri Pamandas Kewlani, Shri Notandas Kewlani and Shri Pohuram Kewlani. This entity dealt with trading, wholesaling and retailing of agricultural commodities which included rice, grains and pulses. The real strength of these 3 partners was that they were efficient in the procurement and supply of rice all over the country, which earned them the sobriquet – “Kings of Rice” of the region in the early 1970s.

Formation of an Enterprise

Anil Industries walked its’ first footsteps in 1982, when Anil Kewlani, son of Mr. Notandas Kewlani, joined the three founding fathers of Pamandas Notandas and set up Anil Industries on 14th March, 1982. Fuelled by a small amount of capital and second hand machines, a small mill was set up to process various pulses, with a capacity of 50-60 quintals a day, prime among them being Chana and Masoor. The firm, at that time, supplied to areas like Raipur & Bilaspur (current day Chattisgarh, erstwhile Madhya Pradesh).

In 1988, the firm managed to scale up its production to an average of 200 quintals a day and climbed quick steps in its’ growth story. In 1991, another processing plant was set up, where after an initial experimentation with Gram Flour (Besan), it was converted into a processing and polishing plant. Soon enough, all the plants started processing Masoor, which was an attractive export to the Gulf Nations in the 90s. The firm has since scaled up, currently owning 3 processing plants and 5 filtering-grading-polishing mini plants. A separate mini plant has been set up for Packaging of the pulses. These plants are being regularly upgraded with time, to fit into current production best practices.


The other members started joining in soon after, and as of today, the enterprise is being run by 3 generations of the family, in a professionally managed environment and in an eclectic mix of experience, fresh blood and a passion to deliver. It was institutionalized as a private limited company, Anil Industries Katni Pvt. Ltd. in the year of 2009.

Anil Industries Katni Pvt. Ltd. has notched various milestones in its’ impressive journey, spanning various decades. It has been one of the best processors of pulses, and is reputed in the market as a “no compromises on quality ” player. It has various brands in its’ roster, catering to all segments of the market. Its’ product portfolio boasts of brands like Charminar, Gulnar, Pukhraj among others which have created a mark in this competitive market. It has consistently managed to attain a turnover in excess of INR 1 billion over the past few years, and has a current processing capacity of over 100 tonnes per day.

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