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Key Strengths

A departmentalized structure, with independent and experienced heads running their departments at optimum efficiency, thereby inducing a professional approach to doing business in a family managed business, therefore maintaining a clockwork like business efficiency across functions, which are streamlined to meet the objectives of the organization.

Agriculture is an ever-evolving segment wherein the quality of crops differs not only regionally, but also annually. New seed varieties are adding on to the existing ones with each passing year, and therefore processing is not only a science, but also an art in itself. R & D is inherent in the Dal processing industry, as a miller needs to have a good understanding of the seed-level differences of the whole pulses and the way

each variety has to be managed. As a result of this, procurement becomes an important part of the mill’s functioning. Every day, each arrival is thoroughly examined for the lot's contents, moisture, density, husk strength, etc. and its milling process is planned. To control and evolve constantly, this department keeps a constant check on the flow of grains during the process. Our R&D works in conjunction with the Production department, wherein samples from each lot of raw materials are thoroughly analyzed for getting best results, and the subsequent processes are determined with a constant focus on obtaining the best of pulses along with sustaining minimal costs.

A long and thriving existence in the processed Dal segment has ensured that we have understood both the business cycles and the long term prospects of this business. It is the experience of operating in this industry, which has become a major weapon in our arsenal.

An uncomprising dedication to serve the customers, coupled with a superb procurement & distribution network, along with a top-of-the-class production line.

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