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Pukhraj Dals are one of the best natural sources of proteins and dietary fibres. Proteins are essential for growth and cell repair. Not only these, Pukhraj Dals also add adequate minerals to your diet. This exclusive combination improves heart health and controls blood-pressure. Its low-glycemix nature also helps control diabetes.

Sikandar is a brand of Arhar Dals are Sortex-ed Broken of the Patka variety. It is another brand which is hugely popular as an enhanced quality version, readily available for the masses at an economic price.

Pushpak one of our most popular brands, and is one of the highest quality and premium grade variant of Patka Arhar Dal. It is a dal of benchmark quality in terms of cleanliness, grading and sorting. Charminar is almost upto 100% sortexed, thus making it a premium grade variety.

Himalaya is another of our premium brands in the Chana Dal segment. It is a Premium Quality Desi Peela (Yellow) Chana – made and processed from handpicked, best quality DesiChana, and is available for consumption throughout the year.

Gold Medal is a Regular Quality variant of Desi Chana, and is quite popular in Bihar-Jharkhand belt for making the cooling health drink for the masses, Sattu.

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