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With atmost care, we have ensured that you receive the healthiest grains that are full of nutrition and get cooked faster. Pukhraj Arhar Dal has been processed of the finest indigenous Arhar using the latest manufacturing processes. Each grain is carefully chosen by an intensive Color Sorting process using premium Sortex machines.

Health  Benefits

Pukhraj Dals are one of the best natural sources of proteins and dietary fibres. Proteins are essential for growth and cell repair. Not only these, Pukhraj Dals also add adequate minerals to your diet. This exclusive combination improves heart health and controls blood-pressure. Its low-glycemix nature also helps control diabetes.

Pukhraj defines the way we are changing with the consumer taste. There was a time when buying Dal used to be a quarterly or half-yearly affair, i.e. buying in bulk and keeping it at the home-store. Over the years, this has changed to monthly or weekly purchasing patterns, wherein also picking up a heterogeneous basket of dals,( i.e. 1kg of toor, 1 kg of moong, 1 kg of chana, in a mixed way) is getting popular. In a way, reducing pressure on the income, and adding varieties. Consumer has also grown conscious of the quality and is determined to afford the best that is possible. So, with this brand our focus is to expand our portfolio to include the heterogeneity in the behaviour and also ensure delivery of the best quality Dal.


We believe in Growing together, respect & trust with our extensive dealer network.


Commitment is the basic driving force of this organization.

Passion of Excellence

The base of doing business should be to have a passion for excellence.

Business Integrity

We believe and strongly believe in ethical behaviour.

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